The Sun Set & Blog Matters

Sun Archives Inaccessible?

While the Bermuda Sun closed down some months ago now, up until a few days ago it was still possible to access their online stories.  However, now when one tries to go to a Bda Sun link one just gets a picture of a setting sun.

I get it, it’s poetic.  However, I am disappointed that it seems the Sun’s online archive is no longer available.  There were some key stories in the Sun which the RG simply refused to run, and now without access to them, well, if you’ll excuse the phrase, it sort of whitewashes a good chunk of our recent politics and history.

Maybe there’s still a way to access these articles, I don’t know.

On Blogs

Despite a blog explosion earlier this year, I don’t think there’s really been any net change to the blogs really.

The explicitly pro-OBA blog The Soapbox only ever posted four articles and has been dormant since September – I’m not confident of it being very active, if at all, going forward.

Vexed Bermoothes, a relative veteran of Bermudian political blogging pretty much went dormant earlier this year, and as of a few days ago ceased to exist.  One just gets a ‘this webpage is not available’ message now.  Which, like the Sun’s archives, is disappointing.

21 Square went dormant a while ago, and due to technical problems was inaccessible for a period of time – and lost some of its archives too.  I’m hopeful it will resume a degree of activity going forward though. remains up, but has been dormant since March, 2013.

New Onion was dormant for almost exactly a year, but has posted a flurry of articles in September – nothing since however.

Beachlime remains active, as does Bermuda Blue, and, to a more sporadic degree so does Bermuda Independent.

There is a new blog however, which I’ve been meaning to link to, Thirty-Four, by Kristin White, which has been quite active and an interesting read.