Moderation Policy & Contact

This blog has alternated between free flowing ‘hands-off’ moderation and total moderation. I have now (July 13th, 2009) lifted the total moderation, although I reserve the right to return to full moderation as I see fit. I have attempted to tweak the moderation filter settings, and will adapt these as I feel necessary.

In general, I ask that posters not engage in offensive language, hate speech, personal attacks or comments that may be perceived as libelous. I reserve the right to edit the form – but not the content – of comments to conform to these guidelines, as well as the right to delete comments that I think are contrary to the ideals of this site and its moderation guidelines.

I may be personally contacted at catchafirebda at [for reasons of avoiding robot generated spam you will have to use your common sense to convert this into the right email address…].

July 19th, 2009 – As a result of certain abuses of the relaxation of the moderation policy, I feel it is neccessary to add to the moderation policy now. Poster’s who abuse the moderation policy and engage in personal attacks, offensive and abusive langauge, or otherwise seek to be an obstacle to discussion, will find their comments placed on moderation. Similarly, those abuse the ability to post under assumed names to give an illussion of multiple posters will also be placed under moderation. It’s not a perfect system, but that’s life I guess.

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