The Scene in St. George’s – Week of October 12th @corpstgeorge

As noted previously, the Corporation of St. George’s doesn’t have as much information available on its site (or I’m navigating it poorly) compared to the City of Hamilton. Going forward I will look to engage them in advance to see if they wish to provide some more detailed information for these posts.

From what I can tell, there are two meetings scheduled for this week:

  1. The Infrastructure & Property Committee at 3:30pm, Monday, October 12th.
  2. The Finance Committee at 3:30pm, Friday, October 16th.

I am not able to find an agenda for these meetings so I cannot provide any detailed information concerning them.

Also, St. George’s Future Leaders seems to be a standing meeting every Tuesday at 6pm.

There does not seem to be any events scheduled for this coming week. If that changes, I’ll post an update throughout the week.

Saint George’s Town Hall located at the eastern side of King’s Square in St. Georges Bermuda. The building was originally constructed in 1782 during the British colonial days.

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