Around Town – Week of October 12th @citylifebda

Here’s what’s happening this week in the City of Hamilton!

This week there are two council meetings scheduled:

  1. The Infrastructure Committee will meet at 10am on Wednesday, October 14th.
  2. The Finance Committee will meet at 10am on Thursday, October 15th.

The agenda for the Infrastructure Committee meeting seems rather full, with the main points of interest to me being:

  1. There is a proposal to rename Princess Street to Earl Cameron Street in honour of the late Earl Cameron.
  2. There is a discussion around rent relief and waiving cost of living increase for Island Tour Center and the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. A discussion about removing double yellow lines from a section of Princess Street and converting them into parking bays.
  4. There is a proposal to rent out 17 Point Pleasant Road (the former marine police building at Barr’s Bay Park); the draft lease has been sent to the potential client, which is listed as Misaki. It is not clear if this is the sushi restaurant on Burnaby.
  5. There is some upcoming roadwork which may impact traffic. Notably, a bump-out at the junction of Union and Dundonald, and also at Seon Place carpark.
  6. Community consultation will be held on the change of use for six parking bays both at Laffan Street and at Washington Street.
  7. An RFP will be prepared, pending planning permission, for restrooms on Victoria Street (I presume this is the ones by the bus terminal).
  8. PR is to be developed concerning upcoming rock cut on Ewing Street.
  9. PR is to be developed concerning upcoming ‘Green Initiative’ project to survey and repair the sewage lines at the Front Street Pump Station.
  10. A survey is to be conducted of bike parking bays outside places of worship to consider making them multi-use on days of worship.
  11. There is a consideration to convert some carparks to all-day carparks (Cavendish, King and Par-la-ville are considerations).
  12. There will be a discussion on allowing individuals to wash cars in city carparks.

In contrast, the agenda of the Finance Committee seems rather brief. There is only really one agenda item, which is a review of the monthly financial report for August 2020.

There do not seem to be any events scheduled for this week.

City Hall

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