Another ‘Gate’ Moment?

I think Bermuda may well be approaching some form of singularity regarding the recent explosion of ‘-gate’ scandals.

As many know the suffix ‘-gate’ has over the years come to refer to a political scandal, and, like it or loathe it, has come to feature prominently in Bermudian political discourse since the OBA were elected to power in December 2012. The use of the suffix itself comes from the Watergate Scandal of 1972.

The biggest scandal taking up this suffix to date, in the Bermuda context, has been Jet Gate, which led to the downfall of the first OBA Premier and – arguably – also led to the resignation of the first OBA Attorney General.

This developing story (and it’s been dripping out slowly since 2013) might just eclipse Jet Gate, if the allegations involved are true.  And as it refers to the City of Hamilton’s waterfront, is this going to literally be our ‘Water Gate’?

The Sherri J Simmons show today had a lot of explosive revelations, and this ZBM account gives a summary of it all.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I get the feeling this story has a good chance of developing legs.

And with the OBA so far taking a ‘no comment’ approach (at least on various FaceBook threads when questioned about this), they’re not exactly inspiring confidence in themselves…

5 thoughts on “Another ‘Gate’ Moment?

  1. Nothing changes Jonathan, and nothing is new. This Govt – the last Govt – the one before that – it’s difficult to tell the difference between them in some ways.

    Rotten to the core. All of it.

  2. I’d say that there appears to be a greater amount of apparent evidence of wrongdoing emerging under this Govt as opposed to the previous – which certainly had smoke, but no where as much apparent evidence (to date).

    I think it’s important to note how the two Governments are being held to different standards though. Much less substantial allegations under the PLP Governments led to being crucified in the media and the various social media sites – so far the OBA Government appears to be given a lighter touch by the media (to date) and some sort of benefit of the doubt by much of the same commentariat that lambasted the PLP for much less.

    That doesn’t excuse the wrongdoings (if proven) of the past, but I think it does highlight some questions – and perhaps give some credence to the defensiveness of some under the previous Government along the lines of ‘plantation questions’ and ‘cyber-lynching’, as regards different standards of criticism.

    Certainly, one imagines investor and swing voter confidence in our Government(s) is taking a hit. For far less than this the PLP Government was accused of making us a ‘banana republic’ – what irony that those elected on that wave of criticism have done far more to realise that optics wise…

  3. I don’t think Michael McLean has much credibility, but we should let the investigation take its course.

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