Welcome ‘bermudavoices’!


Things have been somewhat dismal as regards the Bermudian blog environment of late.

My own site has taken a bit of a back-seat to my studies, with the number, quality and frequency of posts being greatly reduced.  While Bermuda Blue and Beachlime continue to post, like me their postings haven’t really been as regular as in the past.  And while a number of new blogs emerged last year, I fear many underestimated the time and energy required to sustain blogs – Bermuda Independent hasn’t posted since the beginning of January, and The Soap Box has been dormant since last September.  21 Square and Politcs.bm remain inactive also. New Blog

Despite this, online discourse continues strongly primarily on Face Book, the various traditional media sites and, to a degree, Twitter.  And in many ways I think these alternative commenting sites continue to suck the energy away from ‘blogs proper’.  I still think the two can complement each other, and I’ve tried to do so with this site, as has Bermuda Blue.

New blog!

Having said all that, I’m happy to announced the emergence of a new Bermudian blog – bermudavoices.

It’s run by Thomas Christopher Famous, who’s emerged as a key personality in online discourse, especially on Facebook, but also through his numerous opinion pieces in various traditional media.  As a pro-PLP voice, his presence goes someway to address what has historically been a political imbalance online, at least prior to the emergence of Facebook as a site for political discourse.

So far his blog seems to be more of a repository of his various opinion pieces rather than unique blog posts.  And that’s okay and welcome in its own right.  Whether it will also feature unique blog posts going forward is up to him, but as it is it is still a welcome addition to the Bermudian blogs, and an additional site for political and cultural conversations.  I also have a feeling that this blog will have a greater staying power than many of the other blogs that have come and gone to date.

I encourage readers to add his blog to their regular online visits – and hopefully it might inspire additional voices to also set up blogs and further diversify our online discourse.  So, yeah, go check it out!

4 thoughts on “Welcome ‘bermudavoices’!

  1. I debated whether to allow Sal’s post here. I find it distasteful – as I generally do Sal’s politics and his avatar. I also find it defamatory and, shall we say ‘politically incorrect’. I have decided to allow it to serve as an example and let others draw their own conclusions about Sal.

  2. I prefer more reasoned commentary without the lowbrow highlights, but every blog will gather their audience. Anyway, so as not to distract from the topic at hand, yes, the more active blogging the better. Although we could use more civility and less of what we see now in Bermuda discussions where everything’s predictable.

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