Call for a boycott?

On the Bernews live-feed about the developments around the mass strike, there was a comment that a pamphlet was being passed around advocating a boycott of products brought in by Dunkley’s Dairy, as an attempt of showing solidarity with the workers and to send a message to Premier Dunkley.

The image of the pamphlet in question is here – I’m not sure how clear all of the products are in the picture though.

Credit to Bernews for the image.

Credit to Bernews for the image.

Now, the argument for the boycott is as I wrote above – send a message to the Premier and hit his bank account.

Arguments against such a boycott is that any hit to the Premier’s bank account (in as much as Dunkley’s Dairy is family owned by him) will be pushed onto workers there – so in showing solidarity with one group of workers one would be hurting another group.

Pros and cons.

In a way I guess one could look at it by taking an extreme example – the boycott of goods under Apartheid South Africa.

The pro for that boycott was that it would help pressure for change within South Africa – which, arguably, it did.  Importantly, such a boycott was called for and supported also by the liberat

ion movement there, the ANC (just as the call to boycott Apartheid Israel is supported by the liberation movement there).

The con was that it would hurt the very people it was intended to help, by doing Blacks out of a job and a wage.

Now, that is, of course, an extreme example, and I’m in no way comparing Dunkley’s Dairy to Apartheid South Africa.  It’s just one of the most famous examples of a consumer boycott movement.

So, to boycott or not to boycott?  Is this an additional ‘weapon’ in the class war we’re seeing unfolding dramatically before us?

3 thoughts on “Call for a boycott?

  1. These employees of Dunkleys have nothing to do with the Government workers dispute. They are suffering like the rest of us, no post, no trash pick up, no public transport and seniors no pension pay outs!

  2. The same people who say “boycott” Dunkley’s are the same ones that don’t understand economics. Maybe Chris FURbert could arrange a class on this subject including what the term FURlough means!

  3. Why don’t we according to the Premier’s own task force take excessive sugar out of our lives.
    We for our own health remove all sugary drinks out of our diet. And while we are at it remove foods that contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup and the like from our diet.

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