New Work Permit Policy Delayed

Just a quick note this.

I welcome the decision by Minister Fahy to delay the implementation of the proposed new work permit policy.

I have not had sufficient time to review the full policy document, however I am aware – and from my cursory reading support – that criticisms have been made regarding it.

Personally, I was surprised that a document supposedly developed for public consultation stated quite blatantly on the front cover that the policy was to come into effect on December 1st (the ‘consultation’ document being issued in October).

The front cover of the consultative document.

The front cover of the consultative document.

To me that sent the wrong message regarding consultation.  It gave the impression that no matter what, the policy is coming into effect on December 1st, and the ‘consultation’ was merely a formality.  It wasn’t a proper consultation, but an exercise in a fait accompli.

For a true public consultation a second policy document, incorporating the consultative feedback, would have been required before the policy came into effect.  At best the document could have stated approximate timelines, not a concrete date within which it was pretty much impossible to ensure adequate feedback, rewriting and subsequent issuing of the final version.

Granted, you’re not going to get a document that everyone agrees with, but if you’re going to issue something for public consultation, it should be done properly.


One thought on “New Work Permit Policy Delayed

  1. your blaming him,he’s blaming Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC) as for Derrick Burgess complaint,he had 14 yrs. of power to block this practice by the Fairmont Princess hotels, his former EMPLOYER,but they did NOTHING! the plp opened the floodgates, permitting overseas workers to do menial jobs that just about any Bermudian can do

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