New Bermudian News Media

Beachlime has pointed out that there’s a new Bermudian news outlet that has been launched.

It appears to be a wholly online news site, and it looks like a direct rival to Bernews, who pioneered the model in Bermuda.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this development – after the demise of the Bermuda Sun I, and many others, were pessimistic about what this means for media diversity and the state of journalism in Bermuda.  Today we have the following:

Royal Gazette – only newspaper (a six-day daily)

Bernews – an online news site newspaper-273525-m

Today in Bermuda – an online news site

Politica – an online investigative journalism site

ZBM & VSB – our two local TV and radio news stations

Note I said cautiously optimistic though.  There has to be questions about whether there’s enough market share to sustain these news media sites without public subsidies or some sort of new business model.

I’m certainly hoping that all these – and more – news sites can survive and enhance our news media, and thus play an important role in creating an informed electorate and keep our politicians accountable.

I guess time will tell.  In the mean time, good luck Today in Bermuda (and all the other media outlets)!


6 thoughts on “New Bermudian News Media

  1. Now Comrade be honest, surely you must admit not only is Hott radio 107.5, but Politica, and also Today in Bermuda, are ALL anti-OBA, plp propaganda sites

    [Slightly edited – JS]

  2. They claim to be “community “oriented, but all of the columnists, contributors, are plp front line. Also add cable Ch. 3, fresh TV & Ch. 82, Bda Media is all plp except the only professional web site Bernews, which outshines all of the rest combined.

  3. Isn’t Channel 82 only sports and lifestyle? So political influence shouldn’t even be on the radar? Can’t say much on ZBM TV although it seems that the Lets Talk show has failed to get OBAers to contribute while PLP members have been eager to air their view there. But that’s not necessarily the fault of ZBM TV.

    As for TiB, well you could easily infer it on CF, Eron Hill and possibly the good pastor, but we don’t know if they’re bringing in (or already have enlisted) columnists with different political leanings.

    And of course, RG isn’t mentioned here, and I don’t think anybody would suggest that the biggest media production in Bermuda leans PLP in the slightest?

  4. On FB TiB has stated that they approached people from across the political spectrum to contribute columns, however ‘conservatives’ or those associated with the OBA have either declined the offer or not responded. I don’t think that makes TiB pro-PLP, except in default because only those perceived as pro-PLP have taken up the opportunity.

    Kind of like the ZBM Let’s Talk situation, where OBAers have consistently refused to participate (be it former Premier Cannonier or more recently the OBA by-election candidate).

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