Terry Lister & the OBA – Constituency 33 By-Election

So, Terry Lister, the former PLP MP whose decision to retire from politics has led to the by-election tomorrow (or today, depending when you read this!), on Tuesday, November 18th, has today come out and pretty much endorsed the OBA.

I can’t say I’m surprised by his decision.

The only real surprise I have is that he decided to retire at all, rather than simply join the OBA.

While he did explore the option of developing a third party, which I understand was intended to be a centrist party, some sort of reincarnation of the defunct National Liberal Party, it’s been the ‘word on the street’ for weeks, if not months, now that those close to him, such as his wife, had formally joined the OBA.  The impression was that he himself had joined or was in the process of doing so.

So why pack it in and force a by-election?

I don’t know.

The main question really is will it be enough to swing enough voters to vote for the OBA in 33?

I don’t know.  However, I doubt it, and I’m pretty confident that the PLP candidate will retain this seat for the PLP.

I don’t think it’ll be a landslide however, and I think there is a very good chance that this seat will switch from a PLP stronghold to a marginal.

I’m disappointed that there isn’t an Independent candidate running, just as I’m disappointed that Terry Lister’s resignation removed a formally Independent voice from the House – although I saw him moving towards the OBA, he had not yet, and so could voice independent positions outside of any party line.

I do think our politics is hardly inspiring right now; I’m pretty sure that if we had a ‘none of the above’ option on our ballot papers like some countries do, that option would do quite well.

Constituency 33 - Sandys South

Constituency 33 – Sandys South

As for the two candidates, they are both excellent candidates, albeit with quite a few flaws.

I’ve been surprised at the energy of the PLP campaign and equally surprised at a relatively lackluster OBA campaign which has shunned the media spotlight, leaving their candidate, and the issues, an unknown quantity.

Overall I’ve found the entire by-election campaign disappointing, and I feel the two parties have really missed an opportunity to hit the reset button and articulate positive reasons for voting for their candidate or a positive vision for Bermuda.

Ultimately I can’t see Mr Lister’s endorsement of the OBA being enough to win the seat for the OBA, and I expect Mr Simmons to win it for the PLP – although with a significantly reduced margin of victory.

I guess we’ll find out within 24 hours…

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Terry Lister & the OBA – Constituency 33 By-Election

  1. Lister may have seen joining the OBA as a step too far away from the mandate he was elected on.

    I predict an OBA win due to a PLP vote collapse. I think the plp’s candidate and leader are extremely alienating to female voters who are particularly fed up with violent rhetoric. I think the plp’s illegal free meals is a sign of desperation that they wouldn’t normally resort to, which reinforces my view that they think they will lose.
    I also wonder whether Marc Beans outburst was partly him cracking due to bad canvassing reports.

    Terry Lister’s endorsement will help fortify some disaffected PLP supporters to find their way into the polling booth to vote oba.

    I also wonder whether a big announcement from Kim Wilson might be due early today… – she appears marginalized and unhappy as one of only two female PLP parliamentarians. As a lawyer she has an affinity to Georgia Marshall. Terry Lister’s endorsement might just set enough of an example to encourage her to do the same.

  2. What “centre” is there. The OBA is Bermuda’s liberal party who live in reality and are working for all of Bermuda and the PLP are the conservative party who can’t accept their failure as government and are clinging to policies that have proven damaging.

  3. It would have been to soon for Lister to declare for the OBA; but depending on today’s bi-election result; look for a return of Mr. Lister as a politician for the OBA in the next election.

  4. There is a horse running on the RG article that all will probably seen by now, in that Sandman has said “It’s illegal to give meals to voters in advance of the election, as it can be seen as a form of treating or bribery to buy their vote. And in the polling station of all places. It’s the type of thing that can lead to a prison sentence and being disqualified from standing for election”

    This is further supported by Zendrive who says, “.That’s correct. It contravenes S64 of the Parliamentary Elections Act”.


    Any thoughts?

  5. Interesting words attributed to Terry Lister re: who you should vote for:

    “Everyone should look within their own heart and decide, should they be casting a vote and if they should be, and I would suggest they should, who really can best run the country at this point in time. Bermuda is in crisis. We need steady hands. We need people who have shown an ability to start righting the ship, and whomever you believe can do the better job of that, that person or that party should get your vote tomorrow.

    Personalities also have a play in it. At this point in time, I would really look to people to put their personal interests to the side and let those character traits that may be are dominant at the wrong time be put aside and really put Bermuda first. This is a country first time. There’s no time to be fooling around trying to do what’s best for one group and not the other group and all that sort of thing.

    It’s a difficult time for the voter even because one party on the one hand is being portrayed as interested in one group, that being the OBA, when I believe they are trying to govern the whole of the country. The other party seems to be projecting a position of only having one group of people that they’re interested in. And that’s no good.

    We have to govern all of Bermuda for the benefit of all her people. And anybody who wants to just represent one group and one group only is not the people or persons we need at this point In time.”


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