What course are we heading down?

Bermuda Blue makes some good points about the Auditors report on Port Royal, and how the OBA’s walkout appears to have backfired politically.

Bermuda Blue

I’ve been very quiet recently because I have been very busy, which is a shame as there have been plenty of topics to blog about.

I’m still busy, but I cannot stay quiet any more. The red mist has descended – which means I’ll probably regret what I write here. So be it.

Two reports on Bernews today: Auditor Criticizes Port Royal Cost Overruns  and OBA Walks Out of House to Protest Marc Bean

Let’s deal with Port Royal first. The Auditor General in a statement says: (The highlights are mine)

“The Special Report speaks of cost overruns, a lack of proper oversight and monitoring by the Government, loan financing authorized by the Minister of Finance without the approval of Parliament and a total disregard of established financial practices and controls for government expenditures – including the lack of tendering and conflicts of interest relating to Board members, one…

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