I’ll try and give the occasional update as much as I can…

0730, Friday, October 17th

Despite predictions of the island experiencing strong winds as of 2100hrs on Thursday, it only really began to get windy around 2300hrs, at least where I’m too.  It was very much still the proverbial calm-before-the-storm.  It was actually quite a clear evening – I could see the stars quite well at times.

This morning though, it’s definitely a lot windier and overcast, with stormy looking clouds zooming overhead.  It’s also been kind of a reddish dawn.  That kind of surreal morning light that often heralds a very stormy day.  I wouldn’t say the storm’s really upon us yet, but it’s definitely strong winds and threatening to rain.

Cleared the yard fully yesterday and did a quick check on the surrounding street.  Found, for some reason, a trash bag right in the middle of the pavement outside.  Didn’t seem like a great location for it in advance of a hurricane, so I moved it to a more sheltered location.  I don’t know who’s it is or what’s in it, but it shouldn’t cause any mess where it’s to now.

I imagine, by the sky, that we’ll not really be into tropical storm territory until around 1100hrs-ish.  And hurricane territory is still slated for this evening, 1900hrs-ish.

1050hrs, Friday, October 17th

Still nothing to write home about right now.  It’s windy out, but nothing dangerous.  I think we’re still very much in the calm-before-the-storm.  I understand the waves off south shore are beginging to kick up, but here in town it’s all pretty calm still.

I’ve been around the neighbourhood this morning, making sure things are alright.  There was some tupperware rather inexplicably on walls by the doctor and nursery, so I’ve tucked those behind the wall with a stone on top.  And for some reason there’s some trash bags here and there on the street.  I was worried they’d become missiles, so I’ve tucked them into the hedges.  Seemed better than nothing.

There’s still quite a bit of debris, fallen branches and stuff, left over from Fay.  There’s nothing I can see to do with them now, but I’ve tucked some of them in with the rest hoping it’ll keep better in a pile than individual debris.  Fortunately the neighbourhood is quite sheltered, so I don’t think it’ll be that big a problem around here.

I’m expecting the rain to start now around 1pm.  It’s just overcast and gusting right now.

1320hrs, Friday, October 17th

The wind is definitely picking up now here in Town.  Still no rain, but it looks like it’s not long off now.  I’d say we’re approaching tropical storm conditions now – right now it’s more of a regular winter storm, minus the rain.  But it’s coming…

1500hrs, Friday, October 17th

Yeah, we’re definitely now in the middle of a storm.  Strong winds and rain now.

We had our first ‘brown-out’ of flickering lights, here in town, about half an hour ago.  Getting all the dishes washed now, lol!

It’s still not that terrible.  I mean, it’s rather miserable, but more a winter storm at the moment.  But definitely going to get a lot stronger and I wouldn’t want to be outside right now.

I’m sure those in more exposed areas are feeling it a lot worse than we are at the moment.

1615hrs, Friday, October 17th

It’s definitely lashing down out there now.  Heavy rain and howling wind.  The trees outside are thrashing about pretty crazy.

No more brown-outs, and I’m hopeful we won’t lose power where we’re at (tempting fate, I know!), but we’re only really experiencing the early stages of this storm now, so, who knows?

High tide is in about an hour or so, so that’s gonna mean one heck of a storm surge in low-lying areas, especially the airport.  I know powers gone off in some neighbourhoods already, and I’m expecting more vegetation to go down around the island. From what I can see out the window though, no damages in my immediate vicinity right now.

1815hrs, Friday, October 17th

Yeah, it’s a storm.  A full-on storm right now, and we’ve still got about two hours until we’re at closest point of approach.

I’ve still got power right now in town, but the lights are flickering quite a bit, much more frequently now, and I understand that quite a few of the neighbours on Woodbourne are out of power too.

The foliage is definitely getting a beating outside, though nothing down from what I can see from the windows.  Some of the nice lamposts going down the hill to Pitts Bay are swaying quite a bit too, but they’re holding up so far.

I understand the West has been hit more than other areas, but there’s a lot of people out of power.

I’ll check back in later – time for board games and dinner.

2030hrs, Friday, October 17th

Yeah, we’re in the height of the storm now.  It’s fierce out there.  I think we’re one of the few, last 10% of households with power still.

It’s too dark to see much outside now.

With the possible exception of a major event, I’m pretty much shutting down the blog for now.  I can’t see that I’ll be able to report on anything.

2100hrs, Friday, October 17th

Eye of the storm.  Went out to just check the immediate property, everything’s fine here really.

A bit further down the street, at Woodbourne and Pitts Bay, there’s a big date palm crown pretty much blocking the junction, though I didn’t go down fully to inspect it.  A lot of sea-fog out there too

Looks like power out across the sound too.


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