Bernews Series on CCTV

I’ve got a new OpEd in Bernews today.

It’s actually the first of a three-part series focused on the issue of CCTV.

Do you feel you're being watched?...

Do you feel you’re being watched?…

This is a new, experimental, approach I thought I’d try, a focused series where I try to critically investigate a certain topic from different perspectives, with the objective of trying to get people thinking about what may be taken as ‘everyday life’ in novel ways, understanding them outside of the official and dominant narratives.

I originally conceived of this three-part series as part of a much wider series focused on issues of crime and criminality, and all that involves – how we define crime, how we react to crime, and what we can do about it.

Following this focus on CCTV I intended to segue into a look at alternative built environment approaches to crime – instead of a defensive surveillance approach, the gaze of CCTV, how we can develop an approach to urban planning the encourages a more positive, pro-social, behaviour.

I haven’t gotten beyond the drawing board stage of that vision yet however.

This series was originally conceived as a long-term project for the Bermuda Sun, which went defunct before it was able to run these pieces (I had written them well in advance for them), and when they shut down I wasn’t sure whether to continue with it.  Nonetheless, I approached Bernews about running them, and I’m thankful that they have!

Maybe it’ll encourage me to finish the next series that was supposed to complement this one…


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