Welcoming the Soap-Box

Welcome to the club!

Just wanted to give a friendly neighbourhood shout-out to the latest Bermudian blog on the block – The Soap-Box.

Based on the introductory post, it looks like this new blog will have a similar – albeit different perspective – theme to mine, in as much as it states that articles it posts will ‘relate to Business, Politics, Community, Sustainability or Education in some form’.

The reason I say that it will have a different perspective than mine are as the author makes clear that he’s involved with the OBA:

“Working with the Future Bermuda Alliance, the OBA…” New Blog

Which is fine.  I certainly welcome the company, even if we’re likely to disagree and perhaps even have cross-blog conversations in the future.

As for other Bermudian blogs, Vexed Bermoothes, Bermuda Blue, Bermuda Independent and Beachlime continue to soldier on; that’s about it really I think.

Other Blogging Stuff…

In related news, the revelations of paid bloggers as part of an OBA-affiliated ‘underground election campaign’ during the 2012 election naturally raises some serious questions about blogging, especially political blogging in Bermuda.

Beachlime has noted a key issue there – and like him, I am not a paid blogger.

I certainly would love to be able to blog for a living (working on that…), but should that ever happen I would maintain my editorial independence, make clear the funding streams and publish an annual report.  I certainly would never accept monies for political purposes like the paid bloggers that have brought infamy to local blogging have.

All the same, it leads to serious questions about blogging and ethics going forward.  It’s a fundamental issue of trust.

Those blogs, like Vexed and Bda Independent that retain an anonymous identity will likely be more suspect than those like me who are clear about who we are, but this won’t stop partisans from either of the two parties throwing accusations at all blogs regardless.

Now, to be clear, I do interpret the ‘paid bloggers’ as being a mistaken terminology.

A blogger is, technically speaking, someone like myself who runs an actual blog.  Individuals who post comments on blogs, social media (like Facebook) or the news media sites are not, strictly, bloggers.  Not sure what they are, but they’re not bloggers in the proper sense.

Another issue facing actual bloggers is the demise of the Bermuda Sun.

While some blogs do generate wholly unique content, many, if not most, politically-focused blogs do rely on a ‘proper’ news site for raw information or links on which we build our opinion – basically we’re giving our thoughts on the news as its reported.

And for the sake of not being dismissed as hearsay, it’s useful to be able to link to a ‘proper’ news story.  As such, our blogs are mostly opinion, or interpretation/arguments based on published information.

I am not a journalist.  I wanted to be one, but I am not a journalist at the moment, and I certainly don’t have the resources to do journalism in the proper sense right now.

All this notwithstanding, with the demise of the Bermuda Sun, not only are bloggers losing one of the pillars our local politically focused comments rely on, but in a way we’re going to somewhat fill the resulting void, at least temporarily, and only partially.

So, interesting times for blogs.

Just not sure if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ interesting yet…


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