Solidarity with Gaza

I’ve been somewhat swamped with work of late, so apologies for the lack of posts.

There’s quite a few things going on locally and internationally, and I haven’t had the opportunity to cover them.

Perhaps the main thing politically here is the Governor effectively killing off a motion of parliament to form a Commission of Inquiry on historic theft of property – which has led to the Opposition PLP effectively going on strike from parliament and they will be marching on Government House tomorrow.


One of the main things internationally though is the latest war on Gaza by Israel – and for that I’ve had the opportunity to write an OpEd which you can read here on Bernews.

I’ll try and write about the local politics soon – but I’ll summarise my immediate thoughts now:

  • I think the HoA motion to set up a Commission of Inquiry was sufficient for the Governor to launch the Commission;
  • As such, I think the Governor has acted inappropriately;
  • While the Governor has the power to not act on such a motion, it’s highly unprecedented;
  • I always support any peaceful demonstration, especially ones that help highlight and educate certain aspects of our politics and colonial situation;
  • I don’t necessarily agree with an indefinite ‘strike’ by the Opposition, although I have no issue with a symbolic strike by them until parliament resumes in the fall (it should end for summer recess this Friday);
  • I expect some sort of compromise to be arranged.

3 thoughts on “Solidarity with Gaza

  1. Do you think the Hamas rejection of an Egypt suggested cease fire, is tantamount to ensuring Palestinians are put at a higher risk of death? Are Palestinians being sacrificed by Hamas in a war they cannot win?

  2. No. Don’t get me wrong, I would have preferred them to have taken the opportunity, and I think it was a mistake on their part. However, unless there are real moves to undoing the siege of Gaza, dismantling the settlements, releasing huge numbers of detainees, etc, I would say it’s a question of a slow death or a quick death – although with the slow death it’s almost inevitable that there’ll be another flare-up.

    Just to be clear here though, my criticism of Israel as an Apartheid State does not equate into support for groups like Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Not saying you think that, just clarifying for readers based on some of the comments my OpEd’s generated elsewhere.

  3. For the record Jonathan, I wasn’t thinking that your criticism of one equated to support of the other.

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