Murder on Our Roads?

I’ve been a tad busy of late, so apologies for the lack of postings…

Bermuda Blue posed the question the other day about whether the number of road fatalities was essentially murder on our roads.

In particular, he asked why there’s no outcry about it – with essentially one ‘murder on our roads’ per month, with this being the sixth road fatality this year alone.

I think these are both good questions.

I guess we’re just desensitised to these road fatalities.  And as they often seem to be due to solo drivers being involved, despite the pain for their immediate friends and family, they don’t seem to have the sensational impact that a more conventional murder – where one person directly kills another – has.

Arguably though, some of these fatalities are indeed murder.

Indirect murder though.

But if they are murder, then one has to ask who the murderer is.

Some will say it’s indirect suicide.

Or just plain accident.

As a number of these (I think the statistics are 50%) are understood to have an over the limit blood alcohol level, is it suicide by alcohol, or murder by alcohol?

And if it’s murder by alcohol, who’s the murderer?

Is it all of us, in as much as a culture is all too often enabling of alcohol abuse and driving under the influence?

Is it the alcohol companies who advertise and glamorize alcohol consumption?

Drunk driving

Is it the establishments that sell the alcohol (bars, clubs)?

Is it the police for not enforcing the laws we currently have regarding alcohol and driving?

Is it our parliamentarians who have not introduced better laws or provided the legislative structure for better approaches to alcohol and driving under the influence?

CADA has campaigned for improvements, but it’s not enough, obviously.

So, if it is murder, then who’s the murderers, and who’s going to hold them responsible?

4 thoughts on “Murder on Our Roads?

  1. Doesn’t murder require premeditation? I fail to see where that exists here.

    And where is the personal responsibility? People have choices to make. Drink and drive – or drink and don’t drive for example. For me it’s a no brainer – don’t.

    Tired of looking to others to take responsibility for our poor decision making.

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  3. Murder is a strong term to use, I agree. I think the usage here and in other places is meant to expound on the shock value. These deaths on the roads are preventable, for the most part, and what some people are asking for is the powers that be to step up their role in trying to curb the dangerous driving habits that lead to serious injury or death.

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