Public Service Announcement – Ferries Disrupted; Industrial Action

Following on from the disruption to the bus services the other day, the ferries appear to be disrupted today.

Ferries disrupted today.

Ferries disrupted today.

I’m pretty sure this is an unrelated issue to the problems leading to the buses being disrupted, but it’s no secret that the workers there warned of problems with management months ago, and in doing so pretty much gave people advanced notice of strike action at that time.

I’m not aware of the exact cause of this disruption at this time though – although the Minister responsible was in the news recently touching on some issues which may possibly give some indication of the issues involved.


6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement – Ferries Disrupted; Industrial Action

  1. I would disagree with the conclusion “and in doing so pretty much gave people advanced notice of strike action at that time”, because although the public is aware that there are issues between the workers and M&P, they don’t know or could guess when things would either get resolved *or* come to a head via an unannounced walkout.

    The impression I get is that the BIU workers and their leadership are aware that they could get public support, but choose not to bother with it, because after all, it’s been proven that in the end they ‘win’ regardless of who gets inconvenienced.

    But one simple thing that they could do is just tell us (or show us, in the case of the deplorable state of the restrooms); let the public know, with enough time to make alternative arrangements. Hell, they may even get some of the public to come out and support them, instead of being stuck on the streets.

    But again, the impression I get is that there’s something abhorrent where BIU workers and leadership is concerned. Meanwhile, BPSU and other local unions appear fine with providing public notice of intent.

  2. After reading the more updated information on this, it seems clear to me that the BIU itself was caught off-guard regarding the industrial action. As with many such actions, it seems to have been a rather spontaneous one from the shop-floor (workers thought X was happening and reacted Y), and once the BIU itself was aware of it they worked to resolve it as speedily as they could – which seems to be what happened.

  3. A real politician you are turning out to be. You are afraid to criticise the BIU even though they were clearly in the wrong, because you don’t want to risk losing their support. As a result of people like you who are afraid to stand up to the unions is the reason why Bermuda is in the situation it is in now.

  4. I’m curious what ‘support’ you think I receive from the BIU – I’m certainly not aware of any…

    The subsequent news reporting on this indicated that the workers ‘on the shop floor’ took action unilaterally; the action was not called by the BIU from Union Street. In fact, it seems that once the BIU was made aware of the action they scrambled to first find out what the situation was and then intervened with the workers to get them back to work.

    In a way, it’s because of the actions of the BIU in this incident that it didn’t blow up into a more inflamed and entrenched situation.

    The key problem in this situation seems to be a fundamental breakdown in trust – and subsequently communication – between management and the workers at Marine & Ports.

    As I noted in my original post, there’s been ongoing problems there leading to a souring of labour relations there for at least the last six months (but much longer as I understand it).

  5. Do you agree with the government’s decision to not pay the workers during the time they were not at work during the strike?

  6. Justin, sorry, I’ve been real busy – I thought I’d approved your post to go public already.

    I wouldn’t say it is the best way to improve labour relations.

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