Public Service Announcement – Eastern Bus Services Issues

Just a quick ‘public service announcement’…

The news is reporting that the bus service is experiencing some industrial action at the moment.

I understand that this is only affecting the eastern services (1, 3, 10 and 11) right now, although there is the possibility that the other routes may become affected out of worker solidarity to expedite the problem being resolved.

I’m understanding (and I believe this has been confirmed by ZBM) that the problem is due to the toilets at the eastern bus depot currently being out of service, an issue which has been brought to management’s attention for months now, apparently to no avail, and has gotten worse.

Some bus routes are experiencing disruption today.

Some bus routes are experiencing disruption today.

As one can appreciate, not having access to toilet facilities is not simply a question of dignity for the workers affected, but also a clear health and safety issue.

Afterall, do we really want buses being driven by drivers who might be distracted by the call of duty, having to ‘hold it in’ due to the lack of facilities available to them?  I can imagine that would heighten the risk of accidents through distraction, and that’s something no one needs.

Hopefully management will finally take action to provide a sustainable solution to this problem, with stop gaps such as port-a-loo’s hardly a solution, even if they help a little.


I just received an email telling me that the issue is to do with plumbing at the Palmetto Road Depot, and as such it may very well be affecting all buses.

I’m off-island at the moment, so I’m not able to investigate this issue personally.

The same issue of worker dignity and health and safety applies however, be it a problem with the eastern or main central depot.

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