The slow political death of Premier Cannonier…

I’ve been on holiday mode for the last week or so, which seems to have coincided with a sudden acceleration of Premier Cannonier’s slow political death.

As I write this Premier Cannonier remains Premier, but the Governing party is clearly in convulsions over the expanding political scandal of ‘Jet Gate’.

To me, the Premier’s position is untenable.  It’s no longer a question of ‘will he resign’ but one of ‘when’ and ‘how’.

The whole Jet Gate scandal has been a slow-motion train wreck, with the fate of Premier Cannonier and all those closely associated with him slowly materialising before our very eyes.

It’s true that, like in any country, there’s political junkies who have first focused on this issue before others, pointing to the problem with the Jet Gate trip right at the start, and noting how it has slowly evolved into a more and more serious incident over time.

The bulk of the people however have generally ignored this incident, shrugging it off as no big deal, but increasingly that is no longer the case.

Quite frankly, it’s reached a critical point where enough information has been revealed that the ‘man and woman on the street’ is beginning to detect the stench of corruption that is Jet Gate.

It is a stench that increasingly stalks the corridors of power in Bermuda, and threatens to undermine the country completely.

Our island’s reputation is at risk of being irreparably damaged.

Only a cathartic moment, involving the resignations of Premier Cannonier, AG Mark Pettingill and Tourism Minister – not just from Cabinet but from parliament itself – and a full independent investigation of Jet Gate will restore trust in our democracy.

More than that, this scandal needs to serve as a catalyst for campaign finance reforms in order to prevent such a scandal erupting again.  This would restore faith in our democracy going forward, as the lack of such laws has long been a corrupting force in our politics.

There’s also the question of collective responsibility.

The OBA Cabinet, backbenchers and party officers have all rallied around those most tainted by this scandal – and as such all of them are now tainted, to varying degrees.

Ultimately, failure to address this issues will lead to the OBA being increasingly lacking in political capital to move forward.

For a party that was elected largely on a wave of anger towards perceived maladministration by the former PLP Government, to have been brought so low, by their own hands, is incredibly disappointing.

This slow political death of Premier Cannonier has gone on long enough. The End

It’s time for it to end.

It’s time for the Premier and the others involved in Jet Gate to resign from Cabinet and from parliament.

It’s time for accountability.


3 thoughts on “The slow political death of Premier Cannonier…

  1. They lost a great deal of political capital in my eyes when they backtracked on their promises for referendums. I doubt we’ll see the resignations you propose. The OBA is showing that we were wrong in labeling them the newBP. Instead they’re intent on proving they’re the newLP.

    Sadly the island has little hope left in either political party, both have proven themselves largely untrustworthy with the task of focusing on actually putting Bermuda first.

  2. The media has hyped this beyond belief, even confusing OBA members. Wait to you see the list of local and overseas companies/persons that contributed to the PLP campaign. Yes!

    It’s true, Bermudians have too much time on their hands and protest too much about what’s NOT important. And it’s also true now the the taste of political power in Bermuda now overrides what’s best for us all, as opposed to what’s best for few! We have joined/aligned ourselves with the USA political system!

    Reputation? We haven’t had one sine about 2005/6, when International businesses began to reduce their presence here…?

    Let’s continue to allow the PLP to play this type of politics and this will go on forever. The focus should be jobs, deficit and debt; else bankruptcy!

    I astonishingly heard Mark Bean threatened Grant Gibbons in the House on Friday to expose him for corruption? For what? Another unsubstantiated and irresponsible comment to allow the PLP to go on a fishing expedition; and also to create political instability. Classic approach to keep the government off balance and on the defensive. If one says it often enough people begin to believe it!

    If you think the OBA is perpetuating the level of corruption, if any, when compared to the last government, you are truly mistaken! I’ve seen these tactics used in USA politics. Hasn’t helped the USA any, has it?

    These are just what they are, political assignations! No proof of anything? Did not the businessman (Mr. Landow) say Mr. Cannonier didn’t ask for $2 million. Mr. Bean then asked the Media on Friday, did you not asked him if there was another amount other than “$2 million”. Crazy stuff?

    Folks, if you cannot see what’s happening here, you’re completely naive! However, the OBA is naive to believe this behavior of throwing stones in the Parliamentary chamber will stop, with the PLP holding the Speakers’ seat! I truly believe the PLP leaders are delusional. I now predict the OBA will now step up their investigation of the past government!

    Good luck! Where does that leave us Bermudians? Still needing jobs, deficits and debt reduction. Let’s just get rid of the political party system forever. People need the power, not power drunk political parties.

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