Happy May Day!

Today’s been an eventful day in our island’s history, with the People’s Campaign rallying and marching on parliament.  They’ve also released their brief People’s Manifesto.

Happy May Day 2014

I’m quite excited by this development, although I’m saddened that I’m overseas at this exact moment in time and so I wasn’t there in person.  Instead I kept up with it via Bernews and the wonders of smart-phone communications with others participating in the rally itself.

All in all, it looks like quite a good turn-out – I’d estimate somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500 – and I’m looking forward to reviewing the various videos of the speeches.

I generally agree with their Manifesto, brief as it is.  In fact, I had some of them in my 2012 election platform!

I’ve also got a May Day release out today – it’s over on Bernews.

There’s a little bit of overlap between the People’s Manifesto and my own May Day statement, but I suppose that’s not exactly surprising based on our common focus.

Now, while I’ve been negligent on posting here, I have had a few articles published elsewhere, on Bernews.  You can read them by following the links below:

Dolphins in Captivity – Ethical Questions

On GAP in Bermuda – Think Global, Act Local

A Reply to MP Sousa on the film crew debacle

Double Jeopardy Needs Reform


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