“An insult to the House…”

The title of this post comes from around the tenth minute of the audio recording found on Bernews here, where an Opposition MP (I can’t tell who) basically tells the Speaker that the Premier is insulting the House and the Speaker with his refusal to answer questions put to him, in the House, concerning JetGate.

I implore readers to listen to the whole audio clip – it’s about 17 minutes long.

Myself, listening to the Premier’s refusal to answer questions and resorting to deflection, etc, I have to agree with the Opposition MP in question.

The Premier is insulting the House of Assembly and the Speaker – quite frankly I’m surprised the Speaker isn’t holding the Premier to account for his contempt to the House and the Speaker.

More than that, the Premier is insulting our electorate overall – his responses and actions are contemptuous of democracy.

That the AG, MP Pettingill, quite readily answers the questions, just makes the Premier look all the more childish and trying to hide something from the people.  And more than that, the AG’s answering makes it appear that the Premier himself is losing internal support, not just within his Party, and not just within his Cabinet, but within the troika of Cannonier-Pettingill-Crockwell, who are central to the whole JetGate scandal.

The Premier is bringing our democracy into disrepute.  He is bringing his Party into disrepute.

While OBAers may well be willing to close ranks and defend the Leader to a degree, at a point they will have to conclude that the Premier is fast becoming a liability who risks discrediting the OBA and its Government completely, to a far greater degree than even the PLP did in their eyes.

The Premier needs to go.


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