Bermuda Sun articles on the Ukraine Crisis

I haven’t quite gotten around to finishing my analysis of the Ukraine situation – and events keep moving so rapidly I may not even finish it all before it’s resolved, one way or another!

However, I have written two articles for the Bermuda Sun now, in addition to the ones I’ve done here. newspaper-273525-m

The first one, that was in Wednesday’s paper, was an attempted summary of the general history of the Ukraine crisis.  Obviously, I’m more limited in terms of size in the Sun, but still.

The second one, in today’s paper*, addresses some of the concerns that were raised to me in comments to that first article or in private messages to me.  Basically, some people felt that my first article betrayed a pro-Russian bias, which was most certainly not my intention.

I think that because my initial article sought to give a more objective perspective that cut through Western propaganda on the issue, many mistook that as meaning I was supporting Russia.

Far too often I fear people have an overly black and white view of things and only see an issue like this as pro-West or pro-Russia. Things are much more shades of grey than such a simplistic reduction however, and I hope today’s article helps clarify that somewhat.

*The editors of the Sun told me they were unsure if they had space in the paper for the article itself, but that it is definitely on their online version, so apologies to any confusion should it indeed not be in the printed version.


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