A little comic relief!

Street Corner Petitions

It’s been another busy day of collecting signatures.

Today, we started a new initiative, of collecting signatures in the City of Hamilton.  From noon until 2pm, we were collecting signatures on the corners of Queen & Reid Street and Parliament & Church Street.

The response was pretty good!

While there were some who were opposed to the petition for a referendum, for the most part there was a positive response, with people asking if we’d be there again on Thursday so they can bring their friends.

So, the answer is YES!  We will be out there again tomorrow, from 1200-1400hrs, in the same locations!

One of the things that I found the most striking is the number of people who thought we were still going to have a referendum on the issue of casino gambling, and were shocked to find out that was not the case.

Another thing is that a surprising number of people think we’re either calling for casino gambling or that we’re opposing casino gambling.

We’re not doing either.  We haven’t taken a position on casino gambling at all.

All we’re doing is asking for a referendum on the issue of casino gambling.  That’s it.  It really is that simple.

One thing that I would just like to say is that I really appreciate the opportunity to engage the people, face to face.  That’s my favourite part of canvassing, and being out there, explaining what the petition is about and why we’re doing it, it’s a terrific opportunity and a wonderful experience.

And so, here’s a video, a cartoon, that I came across earlier today and I thought it would be nice to share it with readers!

It’s a short and funny video looking at the current economic crisis from a Marxist perspective – Enjoy!

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