Security at the LBE Government Building

There’s a letter to the editor in today’s RG, complaining about the security protocols in place at the LBE building on Court Street.

Letter to the editor - A reply.

Letter to the editor – A reply.

As the RG seems to have changed their commenting system when they updated their site and somehow rendered my ability to comment unpredictable since, despite being logged in, I thought I’d address the letter-writers comments here.

The writer seems to have been unaware about the security protocols for the building, which were implemented in June 2013, under the current (OBA) Government.  I feel the need to note that, as the sub-text of the writers comments seems to be, while critical of the OBA, implying (my reading) that this may be blamed on the PLP.

According to a release from June, 2013, (opens as a pdf) the new security protocols were put into place ‘in accordance with international standards for court rooms and court services’.

While the letter-writer may have only been aware of the DoPlanning (where s/he was going) being located in the building, it also houses courts and court services – indeed, the security was previously located at the entrance to those on the relevant floor (floor two I think?).

Having said that, I do not know the ‘international standards for court rooms and court services’ and why placing the security at the entrance to the building itself was really required, although I assume the logic is that it would be more cost-effective to screen everyone as is, for one reason or another.

Also, I believe that the security are a private security firm, as per this article from May 2012.

Now, could the security be done better, more cost-efficiently?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  However, I hope this post goes some way to answering some of the questions raised by the writer, and I welcome readers with more knowledge to comment further.

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