Beachlime makes some good points about political bias

I just wanted to give a shout out to Beachlime who has written a nice little post pointing out the role of political bias in the online comments of the various news sites.

When the PLP was in power those critical of the PLP were also quite critical (scathingly so!) of posters who defended the PLP position, calling them blind followers, sheeple and shrill.

Now that the OBA has come to power, it seems that with that power has also come some sort of online amnesia or role reversal.

That being said, I have this, perhaps overly optimistic, hope that we are seeing a genuine evolution of the electorate, with more and more people growing weary of the political tribalism (and all that entails for online commentators).

I sincerely hope that we are maturing as a people and being willing to call a spade a spade, acknowledge our biases (nothing wrong with being biased as long as one is aware of it and aren’t ‘blind’ party line followers) and engage in truly critical and constructive discourse.

Anyway, just wanted to publicly acknowledge Beachlime for raising a good point!



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