Some New Bermuda Blogs – A ‘blogexplosion’?

Despite my recent concerns about an apparent decline of local blogs, since I initially touched on this there’s been what Bermuda Independent has called a ‘blogexplosion’.

A 'blogexplosion' for Bermuda's blog scene?

A ‘blogexplosion’ for Bermuda’s blog scene?

In the last few months or so I’ve come to learn of a handful of new Bermuda blog, from Bermuda Blue and Bermuda Independent, to what appears to be a rather extremely conservative Christian blog to now ‘workforcebda’ a blog focused on business and construction issues in Bermuda and the ‘Adventures of Skippy & Bologna’ – of which it’s too early to really comment on so far.

One concern is that I’ve seen far too often new blogs start up, have a burst of activity, and then a general decline, with longer and longer periods of inactivity until, ultimately, the blogs are abandoned.

Quite frankly, it’s hard to maintain a blog, in terms of regularly posting a certain level of quality posts, and it’s very easy to become disillusioned and simply pack it in.

The advice I will give to these new blogs is that they should seek to persevere.  It takes time to grow a following – so just make sure you try and post something on a regular basis, say once a week or so.

The key is regularity I think, and to not focus on how many views you’re getting – if you keep it up, they will come.

And it doesn’t hurt to link to other local blogs, either in a friendly way (like I’ve done above) or for the sake of a blog ‘conversation’ – even if it’s more of an ‘argument’ than a ‘conversation’ proper.

Also, I think that when it comes to blogs, they do, in some way, support each other.  The more Bermuda blogs there are, the more active they are, the more they’ll boost each other in the long-term – a rising tide lifts all boats in other words.

Having said that, Bermuda’s blogs continue to be, it seems, overly dominated by White males, far out of all proportion to our islands actual racial demographics.  And with this limited diversity, racially and gender-wise, there also seems to be limited diversity as regards political perspectives.

At this very moment I don’t think there are any blogs which would be considered pro-PLP, while there are many which I think could be considered representative of liberal and conservative tendencies, with the obvious exception of this rather leftist blog.

I continue to hope that, especially with the OBA in power, this will change, with greater diversity coming to the local blogs – provided the blogs do recover from their recent decline and do adapt to the new online reality.


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