Condolences to the family of former MP Louise Jackson

Just a few minutes ago I learned the shocking news of former MP Louise Jackson’s passing.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest condolences to her family.

We had some rather great ideological differences, but I always held her in high regard, especially for her tenacity while a sitting MP.

Running as an Independent candidate in the 2012 General Election I contested her seat with that of her daughter, Susan Jackson.

It was in the process of canvassing her former constituents that I gained a better understanding of how much work she has done in the constituency and for raising awareness about the plight of seniors.  Constituents, be they supporters of hers or not, generally had a lot of good things to say about her, especially about her work on seniors.

I believe the last time I met Louise Jackson was on election night itself.  She joined her daughter, Susan, at the poll counting, and we had some laughs and good conversation – and both her and Susan were gracious in their victory.

I really am quite shocked at this news.  I cannot imagine the grief that her family must be going through right now.

Whether one agreed with her politics and positions or not, our island has today lost someone who contributed greatly to our political discourse, and who was much loved by many of her constituents and respected by many others.

Rest in peace Louise Jackson, rest in peace.

Bermuda Independent also has a condolence piece.

See also the write-ups on Bernews and the Royal Gazette.


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