Lucky seven?

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few days, what with the holidays and all – lots of food, good company and some good laughs.

The holiday season isn’t quite over yet though, with New Years to come still, but it seems like this time of year is always one for some degree of reflection on the year past and the year to come.

Next Saturday, January 4th, marks the seventh anniversary of this blog.

Seven years.

Seven years of blogging...

Seven years of blogging…

When I started this blog back then, I really had little idea of what I was doing, or what this blog would become.

I certainly didn’t expect it to still be running seven years on – with my first posts being on the end of Saddam Hussein and the trouble with genetically modified food (cloned cattle).


I started this blog on the invite of both the now defunct Limey In Bermuda blog and the former Chair of the PLP who asked me to investigate the options for setting up a pro-PLP online media presence.

Limey, I think, was on the verge of his first retirement, and was desperate to encourage a more diverse blogosphere than existed at that time, largely the now (essentially) defunct Bermuda Sucks site, Limey, Politics and a few other now defunct blogs.

The then PLP Chair, now an MP, David Burt, represented a new generation for the PLP. One much more aware of the potential for social media to influence politics going forward.

While this blog was set up as part of his asking me to investigate the potential, the actual pro-PLP site that he envisioned was the now defunct Progressive Minds site, and I fiercely defended my own independence, first as a blog that was pro-PLP and run by a then PLP member, and then as a non-aligned and leftist blog.

Continued Political Focus

Since running as an Independent candidate last year, this blog has also served to aid me in trying to encourage a new leftist political force in Bermuda – and in that I’ve been focused both on the day to day politics of the OBA and the Opposition, but also on the ideological forces being contested within both the OBA and the PLP.

Both parties are, from my perspective, having an ongoing internal struggle over their ideological orientations.

The PLP is having a three-way battle between progressives/leftists, social conservatives and what I can only describe as a new version of Black yuppie capitalists.

The OBA is having a similar tug-of-war between ‘old money’ (essentially the old UBP cliques), ‘new money’ (somewhat the BDA cliques) and a White middle-class with libertarian capitalist leanings, chafing against the more patronistic approach of the old oligarchy.


I’m not sure if this blog will last another seven years, however I hope to keep being actively involved in some way regardless.

One big step, blog wise, has been learning how to incorporate pictures into my posts.

Another step has been an attempt to keep within a general post size of 700 words, which I think makes posts more readable.

Another thing was the redesign of the blog in 2009, when I moved away from the red, black and white theme which had only been the default theme when I started.

I’ve also expanded the blog into Twitter and Facebook  as a result of my running in the last election as an Independent.

I understand that there’s a move away from traditional blogs to things like Tumblr, and I’m investigating whether it’s possible to also incorporate it in an attempt to maintain an online presence for the left in Bermuda.

In addition, I will continue to focus on campaigning as a non-aligned, independent candidate, both offline, where I continue to canvass, and elsewhere, through OpEds or commenting in the news media.

I’m also continuing to expand my platform and hope to be able to have a much more holistic one for the next election.

Immediate Focus for 2014

I expect my immediate focus for 2014 will be on issues of gambling, campaign finance reform, accessibility, political reform (PATI, fixed-term elections, proportional representation, absentee ballots) and drugs/crime.

This is also, however, my crunch year for my PhD research, so I cannot say how active I will be in advance.

Anyway, just some musings/ramblings.

I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and Boxing Day, and a great year overall.  I look forward to continuing to be active over the next year.

Happy New Year everybody!


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