New Bermuda Blog – ‘Bermuda Independent’

A New Blog?

While the Bermudian blogosphere has been a bit unstable since the election last year, with many blogs going dormant or semi-dormant, and the ‘action’ largely moving to social media like Facebook, or the interactive online news media, it’s nice to see a new blog on the scene.

New Blog

‘Bermuda Independent’ launched just a couple of days ago, on the anniversary of the OBA’s elevation to power in the 2012 election.

It’s only had a few posts up so far, as one would expect from a brand new blog, and it’s not clear who’s behind it or what political perspective they’re taking yet, I welcome them to the local blog scene, and I thank Beachlime for bringing it to mine – and others – attention.

I look forward to engaging with them in the future!

Blog Renaissance or Blog End Times?

I’m still not sure if the time of the blogs is over or not.

Am I and the other active bloggers just lumbering dinosaurs, relics of a bygone online era?

Or are we still important aspects of online discussions, providing a different function than social media platforms like Facebook, or the interactive online news media platforms like Bernews and the RG Online?

Rather optimistically, I’m hoping for the latter…

And I’m hoping that the emergence of this new blog heralds a return to active blogging, of diverse perspectives, on local issues.

I don’t think people are going to flock back to traditional blog formats from things like Facebook, but I do think they can complement each other – and I’m still trying to use both in this way.

While the PLP were in power, the online blogs were largely hostile to the PLP, and by default appeared pro-UBP/OBA.

And in most parts it is those blogs, which were seen to align with the then Opposition, which have gone dormant or semi-dormant since the election, leaving the OBA largely free from online criticism, at least outside of Facebook.

It will be interesting to see if pro-PLP blogs form now, along with new, diverse and independent (non-aligned with either the PLP or the OBA) will form to fill the vacuum of online blogs.

Anyway, just musings on a Thursday night…


2 thoughts on “New Bermuda Blog – ‘Bermuda Independent’

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  2. I think that since the debacle with the Prog Minds blog, the PLP has tried to funnel their members’ views through only one public outlet, their own party blog, and discourage conversation outside of their circle unless it specifically attacks the OBA. Oddly enough, I don’t think the OBA itself is fond of the blogging mechanism either. Probably, it’s because both parties want to control their messages and not risk the appearance of conflict.

    Dinosaurs? Almost certainly, sad to say. This trilobite here will saunter on for a while yet, after all I was around before even the big-name blogs. But one could still keep themselves and their view relevant by, as you imply, using supporting outlets, such as Blog+Twitter+FB+contributory articles to the print media. But you’d have to be a relatively public figure to be able to pull it off, which eliminates those like Vexed Bermoothes from the equation and leaves only you, really (unless Christian or Denis gets the passion and impulse again).

    We need the blogs, however… if only to remind the passionate RG/Bernews article commentators that they are *not* bloggers 🙂

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