Which promises have the OBA broken or have yet to fulfill?

Well, there is quite a few big ones there, the most recent (and perhaps the most galling) is last weeks reversal on the referendum on gambling.

Broken promises...

Broken promises…

It’s not just the breaking of their election promise on that but the manner in which they did it, first with the loaded referendum question, then the stubbornness to change the question to a more neutral one, and, finally, the warped reasoning they’ve given for abandoning the gambling referendum altogether.

Another big one is their election promise to ‘suspend the current term limit policy for two years’ when they abolished them within just a couple of months of coming to power, and did so without widespread consultation and explanation.

Whether that was the right thing to do or not (abolishing the policy) isn’t really the point there.

In breaking what was a rather big promise, considering the controversial and emotive positions concerning that issue, they burnt up a lot of political capital and rather needlessly stoked controversy, as well as set a precedent for subsequent broken promises.

I think it definitely set off some alarm bells for many, of what was (and is) to come.

Another really big one was their promise of moving forward on PATI in their first legislative term.

Even with an extraordinarily extended first legislative term they have been silent on this, and I don’t think they indicated in the last Throne Speech any move towards PATI in their now second legislative term.

This is something the PLP were rightly criticised for, and the OBA would appear to be dragging their feet on this one too.

I’m also rather disappointed that they’ve failed to move forward on political reforms, namely fixed-term elections and absentee ballots.

Ad for absentee ballots, I was critical of them moving ahead on the now non-referendum without instituting absentee ballots first.

Those are the primary ones that come to mind.


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