How would you rate the Premier and who is the most competent Minister?

Premier Cannonier seems like a nice enough guy from my interactions with him, but I never had the impression that he was much of a ‘leader’ – I’ve seen him as more of a ‘front-man’ for the Cabinet and the OBA Executive rather than a pro-active leader.

After his Jetgate fiasco I began to question his credibility.

Following the events of last week, the non-referendum issue, well, I have very little respect for him anymore.

I feel he’s breached the people’s trust, and when you do that, it’s very hard to regain the people’s trust.

I don’t think he’s in control of the OBA at all – I think the OBA is too indebted to their private funders and, possibly, gambling monies, and, as the now Minister Patricia Pamplin-Gordon once said in Opposition, I think in 2006 – ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’.

As for the most effective Minister, well, that’s a tricky one.

Minister Dunkley’s definitely one of the most public I think, but I feel that Minister Gibbons has perhaps been the most effective Minister so far, although perhaps he has one of the more quiet public profiles.

I was disappointed in Mr Brangman in Education, and I didn’t think the Ministry of Health was getting the attention it needed under a part-time Minister.

The rest seemed rather lacklustre to me, or not in the best portfolio for their abilities.


One thought on “How would you rate the Premier and who is the most competent Minister?

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