How would you rate the OBA on a scale of one to ten?

How would you rate the OBA’s first year in power on a scale of one to ten (one being poor, ten being excellent)?

I’m going to go with a three.  I have become increasingly less impressed with them over the year.

The number three

Perhaps that’s to do with them over-hyping expectations pre-election.  I don’t know.

Ideologically I did not support them, although there were some parts of their platform I did (and do) support.  However, I at least expected them to have a sense of integrity and a greater level of competency than they’ve demonstrated in this year.

It’s been rather omnishambolic to take a political term from the UK.

I feel they’ve made too many rookie mistakes than I expected, even from an admittedly rookie government.

And their tendency to break rather important election promises has led me to losing pretty much all respect for the current leader and the OBA as a whole, even while I continue to have respect for this or that Minister.

I remain hopeful that, for the sake of Bermuda, they catch themselves and work hard to win back the people’s trust, but after their non-referendum move last week, it’s going to be an uphill battle I think.  That certainly did it for me, in terms of losing all respect for them.

They have no credibility to me anymore, and I feel they won the election almost by fraud, through false advertising.

This isn’t to say the PLP would have been a better government either.

We do need to move beyond the dysfunctional two-party system that we have, be it PLP-UBP or OBA-PLP.

It’s continued to divide our people racially and deformed our society; it’s certainly retarded our political maturity I think.

Now that we, as a people, have gone almost full-circle from UBP to PLP and now OBA, I hope there is a growing call for real change, to break out of this dysfunctional two-party system and the oppositional politics that we’ve inherited as part of our colonial heritage from the UK.


2 thoughts on “How would you rate the OBA on a scale of one to ten?

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  2. Using the old fashioned letter-grade system I would have had the OBA as a solid D, certainly. 1 year in the books, too many mishaps and blunders which outweigh the good things they’ve pushed forward.

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