On Holiday!

I’ll be travelling for a little bit, and I can’t guarantee access to the internet, so there’s a very good chance that I won’t be posting anything until at least the week of December 16th or so.

Apologies also for anyone who posts a comment – I’ve had a policy of having to approve every comment for a while now.

It means that sometimes comments have to wait quite a bit, depending on my access to the internet – it slows down conversation, but I just got tired of people abusing anonymity to engage in personal attacks.

I encourage people instead to either have patience until I can approve the comments, or to set up their own blogs (it’s free and easy!) and engage in cross-blog conversations instead.  I find that raises the level of discourse to the benefit of all.

I’ll look forward to continuing my series on the media on my return – in the mean time, have fun everybody!

On Holiday!

On Holiday!


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