Has power turned the milk sour?

It seems u-turns are the in thing with the OBA of late.

OBA U-Turn

OBA U-Turn

Not content to let things settle from their rather humiliating u-turn on the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre (following revelations of apparently misleading the public and torpedoing the primary argument used to justify its closure), Minister ‘the Milkman’ Dunkley is in the paper today on his very own u-turn.

The now Minister for National Security, while in Opposition, made a bit of a political football out of the allegations of sexual assault in the Regiment, adding his voice to calls for an independent inquiry or Royal Commission to investigate such allegations, dismissing the Regiment, the HRC and the then PLP Government’s ability to do adequate internal investigations.

He even went so far as tabling, as a take note motion in the Senate in 2009.

And as recently as February 2012 he repeated his support for an independent inquiry into the matter (see below).

A screen-shot of Mr Dunkley's Feb 2012 position (from the OBA's website).

A screen-shot of Mr Dunkley’s Feb 2012 position (from the OBA’s website).

At the time I saw Mr Dunkley as largely engaging in a bit of political opportunism on the issue, seeing an emotive issue which could score points against the then PLP Government, as well as curry favour in the then growing movement to abolish Regimental conscription.

What a difference being in power makes!

Now that Mr Dunkley and his OBA have won power, and Mr Dunkley himself is the Minister responsible for the Regiment (more or less, the Governor still having powers there), he no longer appears to support such a position, arguing that the internal reviews he so criticised were sufficient.

I’m sure to many people this will just reinforce the impression that politicians will say and do anything to get elected, that politicians are opportunists.

Quite frankly, it’s hard not to argue with that perception – and it’s certainly reinforced my view of his then actions as being political opportunism.

The OBA made quite a few promises to get elected, as well as heavily criticised quite a few things and actions that the then PLP Government did.

Now that they’re in power they have shown a tendency to break those promises it made, and reversed its positions on things they once criticised or belittled.

The sweet milk of pre-election promises looks like it’s rapidly turning sour.

As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Got principles milk?

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