Critique of the OBA’s Second Throne Speech (on Bernews)

I’ve written a critique of the OBA’s second Throne Speech – you can read it on Bernews.

In general I thought it contained some good ideas, and some policies that I fully support, at least on face-value.  Without seeing the full specifics of what the OBA’s intentions are, that is, that’s about all I can say on those for now.

Other aspects of the Throne Speech are in fields I’m not familiar with, or generally neutral on at the moment, so I haven’t said anything on them.

Some parts of the Throne Speech just seem odd and I’m looking forward to hearing what they’re all about, particularly the proposed ‘Good Samaritan Act’ which, it says, is to ‘provide legal protection to those who donate food to people in need’.

While there are some ambitious ideas in the Throne Speech, I honestly was expecting a more ambitious Throne Speech.  I was expecting much more in terms of political reforms, and I am certainly surprised at the lack of movement on PATI.

I look forward to reading the PLP’s response.

On one final note, I acknowledge both the OBA’s Throne Speech commitments to both absentee voting and a referendum on gambling.

To me the former has to precede the latter.

To do otherwise, in my eyes, would be hypocritical of the OBA and their professed commitments to ensuring all Bermudians voice’s are heard and able to participate in key events like elections and referendums.


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