Been a bit lazy…

My apologies to regular readers of my blog, I’ve been a bit lazy of late.

I took a vacation for two weeks in mid-October, taking a break from my studies and teaching duties at the university in Scotland and came back to Bermuda.

Usually when I take a break like this I continue to be active – usually canvassing or working on constituency or policy issues.  This time, as I was only down for two weeks, I took a much more relaxed approach and really was on vacation.

I didn’t do any canvassing, although I did stop and speak with constituents, and a few constituents seeing I was home stopped to speak with me, raising some constituency issues, and although I was on vacation I did my best to follow-up on those issues that were raised with me, including a meeting with the Ministry of Health on a number of concerns.

I’ve been back in Scotland for a week as of today, and I’ve been busy catching up on some things I should have done while I was in Bermuda (like this powerpoint presentation for a lecture I’m giving tomorrow…!).

Which explains why I haven’t really posted much.

There’s also a number of Bermuda government consultations I’m working on – for example, the government is soliciting public consultation on Bermuda’s marine EEZ; on special needs education; and on national security issues.

I’ve almost finished my submission for the marine EEZ, and I’ll be finishing the other two off shortly too.

I recommend readers, if they have the time, also try and make their submissions on these issues – alternatively, post their ideas here and I’ll try to incorporate them into my own submission on your behalf.

Hopefully regular blogging will resume shortly!

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