Updated Blogroll – The End of Bermuda’s Golden Age of Blogging?

I’ve decided to take some ‘executive decisions’ regarding my blogroll, on categorising various Bermudian blogs as dormant or active.

Most of the blogs in the ‘dormant’ category have been dormant for a year or more, although some have sputtered on infrequently, with long periods of dormancy intermixed with occasional bursts of activity.  However, even for these intermittent blogs their spurts of activity are becoming rarer, with a general trend, it appears, towards general dormancy.

In particular, I’m referring to 21 Square, New Onion, Politics, and A Bermudian’s View.  The last posts for all of these blogs were in early 2013, and I understand at least some of them are, quite frankly, exhausted from blogging, burnt out and unlikely to post regularly, if at all, going forward.

There are, however, a few new additions to the active blogroll, and some of the blogs that had been long dormant are now back to activity.

Nonetheless, I still feel that the ‘golden age’ of Bermuda’s blog scene has come and gone, rapidly being eclipsed by the news threads and social media.

These aren’t blogging, per se.  It’s a lot easier to lob in a comment than to do some research and take care (and pride) in writing an actual article/blog-post.

And it’s of course possible that there’s a whole world of Bermudian blogs out there that I’m either not aware of or not including.  I generally only include as ‘blogs’ those sites that feature social, cultural, economic and political commentary related to Bermuda, or by Bermudians.  That excludes blogs such as photo-blogs, while also includes forums, which are not, really, blogs in the pedantic sense.

It’s also possible that blogs operate in cycles of activity.  They’re a relatively new social phenomenon, and the exact dynamics of blogging is perhaps not fully understood.

I’ve mused before that each country (or municipality) only has so much ‘online-energy’ which can only support so many ‘ecological niches’ or online expressions.  Perhaps our island only has the carrying capacity (to co-opt another ecological term), and so there’s a general turn-over along with a constant ‘population’ at any one moment in time?  And the new media, such as Bernews and FB, have diverted such online-energy, leaving less to sustain proper blogs?

Equally, just as litter begets litter (litter generally creates an environment conducive to more litter), blog inactivity may beget blog inactivity.

My blog has had much more reduced activity, partly due to off-line reasons, partly due to a general malaise of the other blogs (in a competitive sense.  And I know that off-line reasons have been responsible for some of the other ‘main’ blogs to also become inactive (be it due to new births, new careers, or other significant life-changes).

Blog inactivity leads to a loss of readers, of regular viewing.  And it can be hard to return to active blogging, to recapture that ‘online energy’ once it has gone away.  People just forget about your blog and are otherwise beholden to the new media which have developed, and are active, at the same time as the traditional blogs reduced their activity.

If the blogs go in cycles, then maybe there will be a resurgence of Bermudian blogs, an explosion of new blogs, a whole new Bermudian blogging ecology, where only a handful of the ‘older’ blogs continue, like living fossils from another age.

Who knows?

If there’s any blogs out there I’ve missed, please let me know and I will add them.

And to be clear, my providing links to these other blogs is not an endorsement of them or their content.  There is at least one which I regard with a large degree of contempt, and another which I feel is often deserving of contempt.

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