Two New Blogs!

Following my recent focus on the blog-scene locally, and the shift away from blogs/forums and to new media, such as Facebook, I’d like to highlight two new Bermuda blogs!

Bermuda Blue

The first blog is by Jeremy Deacon, the recently former editor of the Royal Gazette.

It is called ‘Bermuda Blue’.

He seems to have started the blog quite recently, and it seems to have a pretty wide focus, but with a particular focus on local media and local news and politics – as one would no doubt expect from his history with the RG.

Bermy Girl Living in the Motherland

The second blog is by Joanne Ball-Burgess, a Bermudian who moved to Kenya in 2011 with her family.  Her blog details her, and her families, life there.  Africana, sustainable living (particularly agronomy) and culture.

Her blog has actually been going since 2011, so I’m a *bit* delayed in highlighting the blog…



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