The long, slow suicide of BIAW?

I’ve been in the newspapers yesterday and today, relating to the BIAW forum.  I’ll post a better post on this later, but I thought it important to provide some context for the quotes in todays RG.  The quotes stand quite well by themselves, but anyone wanting to get a fuller idea of my thoughts on the subject may read my full reply to the RG below.

First off, the RG approached me yesterday, in reaction to the Sun’s article on the subject.  As one of the few individuals that posted on BIAW with my real name, they were going to quote from my post, which is, of course, fine.

They also asked me if I’d be willing to answer two questions, (1) what did I think of Dr Brown’s response to BIAW; and (2) does the BIAW forum have any value?

My answers:

(1) I completely understand Dr Brown’s response, I think he has every right to regard that forum with a degree of contempt now.

(2) I think BIAW had the potential to be a valuable forum, in encouraging a frank exchange of ideas across diverse political postions.

But it was always dominated by very conservative and mostly White males, and in many ways they seemed to close-ranks and squeezed out a lot of alternative voices (to conservative White male Bermuda).  And its gotten increasingly so, especially since the election.

While there’s been some criticism of the new government, it’s been nothing compared to how it [the forum] savaged the PLP and PLPers. 

If it has a value today, it is to provide a window into the psyche of conservative White male Bemuda.

That’s not without its merit.  They are part of Bermuda, it is important to be aware of their views.

But it is totally eclipsed today, in my opinion, by the news media that allow comments and, especially, Facebook, notably the two main political threads, BE2012 and the OBA thread.

Almost all of the posters on the FB threads post with their real names, and it hasn’t prevented frank exchanges.  If anything I think it has enhanced debate.

The old blogs and forums are not really relevant anymore, although the two forums, Sucks and BIAW, will continue to limp on.  Of the blogs there’s only a few still going…


6 thoughts on “The long, slow suicide of BIAW?

  1. I’m with you 100% J.S.
    But hold on, did you say “If it has a value today, it is to provide a window into the psyche of conservative White male Bemuda.”? OUCH!!!

    Listen i’m an old white fart B’dian male – i’m not a member of BIAW or of the whole conservative “screamer” crowd. You aint gettin any insight into my psyche brother, and i’m offended you would think that.

    Besides, if they are all “anon” posters why do you assume they are B’dian? (a lot of twisted, bitter expats out there mate.) If you want insight into my psyche i’ll gladly give it but don’t pull your PLP bullsh*t on me.
    (Oh and you are PLP whether you admit it or not – I know that cause ive read a lot of your postings and so have an insight into your twisted demented pysche! haha!
    – “have a nice day!”

  2. Point 1) I agree
    Point 2) I agree

    Will wonders never cease! 🙂

    Full disclosure, I was also banned from the site. As you have said, I don’t think they really have any interest in hearing other points of view. One would think having Dr. Brown on their site would have increased traffic to it greatly.

    Banning him was extremly close minded and short sighted. In my view.

  3. “While there’s been some criticism of the new government, it’s been nothing compared to how it [the forum] savaged the PLP and PLPers”.

    i don’t think you can equate “months” of OBA to “years” of PLP – do you?

    As far as I can tell, the forum members have been quite straight in their criticism of the OBA, and will no doubt continue to do so.

  4. @ Goat Man – Just to be clear, the qualifier ‘conservative’ indicated that the forum only gives an insight into the psyche of conservative White Bermudian males, in as much as the forum is dominated by conservative White Bermudian males.

    I didn’t say the forum gives insight into White Bermudian psyche – only that it gives insight into the psyche of the conservative White Bermudian male psyche.

    How representative of White Bermuda that segment is I make no judgement of. Just that, in my opinion, the forum is dominated by conservative White Bermudian male voices, and that it has a certain value in that. Those voices are part of the Bermudian discourse, and there is nothing wrong (in fact, a lot to be gained) by observing it.

    True, I don’t know how many of the posters are expat versus Bermudian, I concede that.

    As to me being ‘PLP’ it depends on what you mean by that. I’ve made no secret that I consider myself being loyal to the principles of progressive labour that motivated the origin of the Progressive Labour Party. I consider that to be distinct from the Party that bears its name today.

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