SAGE Submission

Today is the deadline for submitting ideas to the SAGE Commission, after it was extended from last week.

I wrote a submission which I sent in to SAGE last week before they announced the extension, and before I had a chance to review the interim SAGE report.

After reading through the interim SAGE report I decided to write an additional submission to SAGE, to be considered as an amendment to, or a part of, my original submission, taking advantage of the extension.

I’ve publicly released my initial submission to SAGE, and Bernews is carrying it as a pdf.

It’s quite a long a detailed submission, relatively speaking.  It consists of an opening letter, followed by 31 recommendations covering a wide range of ideas for promoting efficiency or government savings.  It even has footnotes and basic references!

I’ll release the second half of my submission, the one I wrote in response to the interim report, later.  This second half focuses exclusively on the issue of pensions, putting forward five recommendations regarding pensions and then an alternative model for a new ‘Citizens Pension’.

With any luck I’ll win an award!

Failing that, hopefully some of the ideas will be found useful and be implemented.

I think they’re all good policy, and would love to see them implemented.  I certainly welcome feedback and constructive criticism on them though!

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