Upset with BBC royalist propaganda? Let them know!

I’ve been quite irritated by what I consider the royalist propaganda that has saturated the media, particularly the BBC, over the last 72 hours, as a result of the birth of our new colonial overlord.

Fortunately, the BBC allows viewers to lodge complaints, and that’s exactly what I, and others, have done.

If you’re disappointed with the BBC serving as a mouthpiece for the monarchy, I suggest you lodge a complaint too.

The BBC has already responded to what must have been some large numbers of complaints on this issue, although they don’t give much details about how many complaints they’ve received.

And their argument that it was popular news fails to note that it was due to the saturation coverage of the event by the media, such as the BBC, which manufactured that popularity, and that they have provided only a fraction of coverage to dissenting, republican, views.

My own complaint to the BBC follows below.  I’ve requested they reply to my complaint, and if they do so I will post their reply on this site too.

I’m writing out of frustration and disappointment with the BBC over it’s extensive & biased coverage of the ‘royal birth’. A young woman and a young man had unprotected sex and her egg got fertilised by his sperm. 9 months of pregnancy later the woman had a baby. Why the saturation coverage? I could understand – at most – a short notification at the end of a regular news broadcast, but the saturation coverage? Complete royalist propaganda. I found the reporting biased, with only limited republican views aired (at least briefly on BBC morning on Wednesday), but far out of proportion to the amount of coverage dedicated to monarchists and royal propaganda. Ashamed and disappointed at your reporting. I expect impartial and balanced reporting from the BBC, not this tabloid celebrity nonsense. I fail to see how it took precedence over the deaths in China from the earthquake there, the continued violence in Syria and Iraq, the coup in Egypt, the Tory scandals surrounding Crosby and other more news-worthy events over the last 72 hours. Sort it out BBC. Stop serving as a mouthpiece for royalism. Or if you’re going to give so much coverage to the Royals, give equal coverage to republicans.


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