On Vacation!

Apologies to readers about the recent lack of posts.

I am, quite frankly, on a vacation of sorts.

I have been on island since Bermuda Day, and will be for a little while yet, before returning to fun-filled fieldwork back in Scotland.

While it was my intention to canvass Constituency 20 during this time, I have to admit I haven’t done as much canvassing as I would have liked so far.

Productive Meetings

Instead of canvassing I have instead been holding a series of meetings with various MPs, civil servants and NGOs on a variety of issues which I feel are either relevant to the constituency or of general political relevance.  My intention being to be more informed while conversing with constituents.

The bulk of these meetings so far have been on seniors and health issues, municipal reform, political reform and PATI.  I’ve found the meetings so far to be quite informative and constructive, and I believe the remaining ones will be also.

In addition to these meetings I’ve also been able to attend some sessions of parliament, and to speak to some party members of both parties, which has also been quite informative and constructive.

I will be resuming formal canvassing soon however, but if anyone has a particular issue that they would like to me to address, please let me know, and I will do my best to do so.

BeachLime’s Return

I would however like to give a ‘shout out’ to BeachLime who has recently resumed to some active blogging, and is a welcome return to the blogging scene.

New Onion, 21 Square and Politics.bm, despite a brief flurry of postings, all appear to have lapsed into a degree of dormancy, although Vexed continues on quite regularly.

I’ll try and post somewhat more regularly, on current events and thoughts on various issues (including Syria, the UK and the current rupture in Turkey).


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