The Inappropriateness of Mr Bloomberg

This is just a quick note, as I’m a little buried with work at the moment.

I just wanted to comment briefly on the recent comments of Mr Bloomberg, the current Mayor of NYC and sometimes resident of Bermuda.

Speaking, in his official capacity, at the christening of the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship in NYC, in attendance with the Bahamian Prime Minister Christie and Premier Cannonier, Mr Bloomberg said:

“Premier Cannonier is a new Premier.  They have a new government in Bermuda.  And I can tell you it’s like night and day.”

“This has always been a wonderful island and today it is an awful lot better than before.  It keeps getting better every time.  People love this new government.  And tourists will as well.”

Now, I don’t have a problem with Mr Bloomberg speaking well of Bermuda, talking about how he loves visiting and assuring potential visitors that they will enjoy Bermuda too.

I don’t even mind him noting that Bermuda has a new government and Premier.

That’s all well and good.

What I do have issue with is when he goes beyond this and actively takes sides in Bermuda’s internal politics.

By describing the difference between the PLP and OBA government as being ‘like night and day’ and that Bermuda is ‘an awful lot better than before’, he is actively taking a side in Bermuda’s politics, that of the OBA.

I don’t care if non-Bermudians have an opinion on our politics.

I do care when a political representative, especially one as powerful as the Mayor of NYC, voices his opinion publicly.

If he was a private citizen – not a powerful politician – it wouldn’t matter.  But due to his public position he has no right whatsoever to interfere with our internal affairs – which is exactly what he has done with those statements.

Mr Bloomberg, stick to US and NYC municipal politics.

You may have a house in Bermuda, but that does not qualify you to interfere in our politics.

One even doubts if you have sufficient knowledge of our people to even form a judgement, your house in Tuckers Town being a general gated community for ultra-rich foreigners.

Your new Secretary of State, John Kerry, may still voice the imperialist mentality that the Americas are the US’s ‘backyard’, but that mentality is rejected outside of your new Rome.

We are not your backyard, and you, sir, have no right to interfere in our politics.

4 thoughts on “The Inappropriateness of Mr Bloomberg

  1. Maybe he was irritated at the PLP’s intimation when they were in Government that he could be approached with regards to our financial situation.

  2. Sorry voicing an opinion isn’t meddling in our affairs. Everyone has a right to their opinion and maybe he did indeed have a legitimate beef with the old government. He does have a house here and has had contact outside of his official office and in a more personal position. Maybe instead of shooting the messenger we might instead listen and possibly address the message.

  3. Hi Sean, I would like to apologise for the delay in posting your comment. It went to the spam filter, and I only just saw it, sorry.

    On your comment in particular, I didn’t say that Mr Bloomberg cannot have his opinion. What I said was that while he is Mayor he should not voice his partisan opinion in an official – and public – capacity.

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