Long Live the Revo!

While the world’s media is fixated on the tragic events in Boston, the Venezuelan Opposition has been attempting to spark a coup against the democratically elected government of Venezuela.


While three people died (so far) and close to 150 people have been injured in the terror attacks in Boston, at the same time seven pro-Chavez/Maduro supporters were killed and at least 60 others were injured at the hands of pro-Opposition thugs.  Similarly, the Opposition has erected roadblocks and attacked symbols of the Bolivarian revo, in the form of trashing or burning Cuban-assisted medical centers, pre-school nurseries, State-run supermarkets, State media buildings, social housing complexe, the residences of various State officials and offices of the governing party (the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV).

PSUV offices burnt down by Opposition thugs

PSUV offices burnt down by Opposition thugs

Indications are that this is an attempt to cause instability and spark a coup attempt to roll-back the gains of the revo.

The Opposition itself is heavily implicated in the brief coup of 2002 which deposed the late Hugo Chavez before itself being overthrown, peacefully, by pro-Chavez forces.

The Opposition presidential candidate, Capriles, himself took part in that coup, when, as Mayor of Burato (part of Caracas) he ordered the arrest of pro-Chavez individuals and took part in the attack on the Cuban Embassy (where coup supporters believed pro-Chavez individuals, particularly the Vice-President Cabello, had fled for safety).  Additionally, the party of which Capriles founded and led was the only political party to actively support the coup.

Capriles scaling the wall of the Cuban Embassy during the 2002 coup

Capriles scaling the wall of the Cuban Embassy during the 2002 coup

Despite the flaws – and there will always be flaws in an imperfect world and during the transition from one socio-economic system to another – the Venezuelan revo represents one of the most important examples of an alternative to the neoliberal/capitalist orthodoxy of empire.

Its development of an alternative model, not only of a better world but also of an alternative socialist model to that of 20th Century ‘actually existing socialism’ – the authoritarian ‘socialist’ states – the Venezuelan revo serves as an inspiration for movements throughout the world.

The idea of 21st Century Socialism inspired the Venezuelan revo and, in turn, the successes of the revo there inspire 21st century socialist movements throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, North America and Europe.

Any coup against the revo must be resisted – be watchful always against the tricks of empire and its collaborators, the enemy within.

Should the Opposition be successful and launch a coup attempt against the revo, be ready to defend the revo, wherever you are.

Long live the revo!


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