Notes on Prospects for a Green Party – 2004 – Part One

I was flipping through an old notebook of mine, from 2004, last night, and came across some notes on ‘Prospects for a Green Party of Bermuda’.  While I never moved on it, I thought it of potential interest going forward.  

While the OBA won the December 17th, 2012 election, I feel that election has the potential to mark a paradigm shift in Bermudian politics, with the record number of Independent candidates, the loss of the PLP and a general disillusionment with the two-party and Westminster system in Bermuda.

Whether a ‘Green Party’ is viable in Bermuda, I cannot say.  

Some years ago someone else attempted to launch one, at least nominally (on FB and a website), but nothing ever came of it.  Maybe my brief notes would be of interest to anyone seeking to launch one in the future.

At the time of drafting these notes I was estranged from the PLP as a result of the palace coup against Premier Smith, that lack of PLP resistance to the Iraq war and my Regimental duties.

Green Party of Bermuda – GPB – Outline

The GPB is  party of democratic socialism and environmental consciousness.

The overall aim of the GPB is to achieve democratic socialism and environmental harmony in Bermuda to serve as a global example for change.

To achieve these ends the GPB will employ both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary tactics to initiate democratic socialist and green reforms in Bermuda.  That is to say that the GPB seeks to form the government of these islands, but will also develop democratic socialist and green initiatives in the form of campaigns, media, projects and demonstrations when and where necessary.

The GPB is pro-independence, but believes that political independence can be achieved only through economic independence.

To this aim, the GPB seeks to develop greater self-reliance in the realms of energy, food, basic medicines, basic clothing and defense.

The GPB recognises that Bermuda’s general lack of resources more or less rules out complete self-reliance, but aims to increase our degree of self-reliance.  Additionally, the BPB seeks to encourage ties with novel suppliers, thus reducing our dependency on one or two main suppliers that could limit our degree of independence (holding us hostage, essentially).

To this end we see the Portuguese-speaking nations of Brazil and Angola as natural counter-weights to North American and European lifelines (and hence potential interference in our independence).

The GPB advocates a bilingual Bermuda.  Every Bermudian should be taught Portuguese along the model of Canadian bilingualism.

This removes the institutional discrimination against our own Portuguese minority, and better positions us in relation to Brazil, the sixth largest economy in the world, and the ‘colossus of the South’.

The GPB adheres to the core co-operative values of self-help, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, independence and solidarity.

The GPB stands for a secular democracy and opposes all forms of oppression, be it sectarian, ethnic or other.

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