Reply to the Budget – Not the Official Opposition’s…

Although I failed to get elected, I see my role as one of presenting an alternate political vision in the form of constructive critique and involvement in the political discourse.

If any of my critiques are adopted by either the Government or the Opposition (or even the small ‘o’ opposition) then that’s all for the better as far as I’m concerned.

Bda Budget 2013

My initial reply to the 2013 OBA Budget was carried by the Bermuda Sun a matter of hours after the Budget became public.

I spent the next 24 hours developing a more robust reply, which is in today’s Royal Gazette as an op-ed.

Basically, I call for a ‘Green New Deal’, for Minimum Wage, for Eco & Cultural Tourism, for Mortgage Interventions & for Participatory Budgeting.

Neither are as in-depth as an official reply to the budget warrants, and I look forward to seeing what the PLP, as the Official Opposition, come up with.

My hope is to at least stimulate some thought of alternatives to the ideas presented in the Budget itself; to get people thinking, talking and acting.

Some of the other Bermuda blogs which deal with politics, 21Square and VexedBermoothes, have also offered their thoughts on the 2013 Budget, so I welcome readers to review them too.


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