Mr Lister & By-Elections

There seems to be evidence that Mr Terry Lister has – or is about to – resign from the PLP.

At the time of my writing this I cannot confirm whether this is true or false.  There does, however, seem to be enough evidence in this case for me to assume the rumour is legitimate and I expect it to be confirmed imminently.

Whether or not it is true does not necessarily matter as regards my central argument here.

And that central argument is this:

Any MP who changes his status in the House of Assembly (from Party to Independent or another Party) should contest a by-election within six months of this changed status.

This is not a ‘new’ position of mine.  I called for the MPs who broke away from the UBP to form the BDA to also contest by-elections.  And I called on Mr Wayne Furbert, who went from UBP to Independent to PLP to do the same.  I even called on the MPs who changed from BDA and UBP to OBA to contest such by-elections.

In the 2012 General Election, where I ran as an Independent, I had a full election platform which, besides other positions, included this.  In it I wrote:

“…any MP defecting from one Party to another (or to the position of an Independent) to contest a by-election six months after their defection, with the subsequent winner to serve the remainder of the fixed parliamentary tenure.”

While this may not be constitutionally necessary right now (but I hope it will be in the future) I call on Mr Terry Lister to do the ethical thing and contest a by-election within six months of his official resignation from the PLP (if he is indeed doing so).

He owes it to his constituents to get their affirmation for such a move.  He was elected as a PLP MP, and to change his status now constitutes being elected under false pretences.


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