Police Town Hall Meeting – Questions

In reference to the Bernews article noting that we could email questions in advance of the Town Hall Meeting, I have emailed the following questions.  I encourage others to similarly write their questions to pmr@bps.bm – What other questions do you think should be asked?  I have only addressed issues which I feel the Police will be able to answer, without fobbing off the question to others.

1) Will the police publish the guidelines they use regarding giving cautions versus criminal charges for personal possession of drugs?
2) On Community Policing:
– What is the current approach to community policing?
– How has this changed over the last ten years, and how is it envisioned to change over the next ten years?
– How effective has it been?
3) On Friday and Saturday nights there seems to be an absence of uniformed police on Front Street (where the majority of our ‘nightlife’ is).  Why is this the case, and what can be done to increase their presence?  To what degree do you think this would serve as a deterrent to assault and DUI?
4) Have the police developed a spatial approach to crime, in terms of using tools such as ArcGIS to increase the efficiency of policing in Bermuda?
5) Police forces elsewhere have begun implementing the use of drones for surveillance purposes.  Is this an option that the BPS are considering, and if so, what would be the policies relating to use, data retention, weapons (if any) and accountability?
6) To what degree would the police consider supporting a smartphone app which would allow citizens to send information and photos to the police anonymously, is such an app existed?
7) To what degree is the police fighting an uphill battle within the existing legislative and policy framework concerning drugs, sentencing and prisoner rehabilitation, and, if so, what would the police suggest would be the most beneficial legislative or policy change, outside of their jurisdiction, which would help them?
8) What are the current resources dedicated to dealing with sex offences and/or domestic violence, and how has this changed over the last ten years?  And how is this expected to change over the next ten years?
9) Would the police support the repealing of Section 315F of the Criminal Code Amendment Act 2005?
10) Would the police support amending the PACE 2006 Act to ensure that all detained persons are informed of, and enabled to consult, the Codes of Practice (Blue Book)?

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