Some Housekeeping Issues

I’ve made a few adjustments to the blog.  Nothing major, just a bit of housekeeping.

I set up a Facebook page and Twitter feed for my election campaign, and I’ve decided to keep them running as complements to the blog.  You’ll see them now on the right hand side of the screen; on mobiles they should show up at the very bottom.  Please let me know if they are in a good place or not – I can alter their location and some other features related to them.  I want them to be useful, not distracting!

I’ll use them to alert when I’ve posted something new here, or to highlight something in the news which I think is interesting.  Please feel free to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ them if you’re on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve also removed some other links that were on the side of the screen.  Top Clicks, Top Posts and International Blogs have all gone.  I didn’t think they were too useful for readers, and I didn’t find many people making use of the international blog links either.  I am considering editing the remaining ones too.

I welcome any feedback in improving the quality of the site!


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