“Self-Reliance & Sustainable Development” – Industries

NB – This continues the ongoing transcription of a 2002 ‘Manifesto for a Democratic Socialist Bermuda’, which I wrote for the purpose of initiating discussion about organising a democratic socialist (DS) Party in Bermuda. I am reproducing it here for it’s historical interest, it’s role in the genesis of this blog itself, and for the purpose of stimulating discussion in the future.

With our small size and general lack of resources, it is unlikely that we may ever become an agricultural or industrial center. Our location, climate and population effectively limits us to a service-based economy, though the nature of this service may be varied. [Our current status as an offshore financial center is more or less dependent on a global capitalist system, and will more or less collapse following the seizure of state power in onr or more ‘developed’ nation.]

The two industries that may potentially be termed as self-reliant and sustainable (that the DS is currently aware of) are those of tourism and education, and it is these that the DS must culture for the long-term welfare of Bermuda.


It has already been outlined how our various environmental policies may enhance our appeal as a tourist destination. The below section on Drugs & Crime, concerning soft drugs, may also be yet another avenue to enhance tourism. Our ‘natural’ aspects – scenery, climate, hospitality and close proximity to the east coast of North America all being additional appeals. Through out policy of ‘domestic nationalisation’ we will be bale to run our tourism infrastructure more efficiently.


This topic has also already been discussed in a previous section. Essentially, Bermuda must develop a tertiary educational system whose students are recruited from throughout the world. Our policies on research concerning our flora and fauna, investigations of our surrounding area, along with research on hurricanes and non-fossil-fuel technologies, should all help stimulate the development of this educational system. Not only will this help diversify our economy within the current global socio-economic system, but it may help accelerate the development of global democratic socialism, if by hegemony alone (it is recognised that Bermuda will only play a marginal role in this manner, but it can still contribute).


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